Events & Activities

Creative Children wanted!

We have created a fun-packed and varied Entertainment and Activity programme, which adds the extra sparkle to our already fantastic indoor play facility.

Coffee Morning

Term time only. Tuesdays – Thursdays before 12pm.

Every parent or guardian can enjoy a free cup of tea or filter coffee and each child will receive a free cup of squash and a biscuit.

After School Meal Deals

Term time only, Tuesday-Friday: only £2.50 for a meal and a cup of squash. Choose from sausage and chips, nuggets and chips, fish fingers and chips, pizza and chips or a pasta dish. Orange or blackcurrant squash.

Boogie Beat Class

Boogie Beat is a unique group that incorporates music, dance and singing. Our pre-school classes have dance themes based on traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes using all of our own music and illustrations. Boogie Beat classes are energetic and fun, introducing boys and girls to the joys of music and dance from an early age.

– Classes are every Thursday (term time only) 10:30 – 11am. Pay an admission fee to come in and it’s no additional cost to take part in the class.

Loyalty cards
Come down and collect your own loyalty card to receive a free entry every 5th time you visit us.