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Adults Menu
Freshly made sandwiches (wholemeal or white bread):
wafer ham, jam, soft cheese or marmite £1.65

Meals on toast (wholemeal or white)
beans, cheese or scrambled egg £2.50

Beef burger and chips £3.50
Cheese burger and chips £3.60

Chicken nuggets and chips £3.50

Fish fingers and chips £3.50
Cheese and tomato pitta pizza and chips £3.50

Sausage and chips £3.50

Extras available for main meals: beans 75p

Half a jacket potato: cheese or beans £2.99

Add an extra filling 75p
Sandwiches or soft roll:
ham and tomato £3.20, ham and soft cheese £3.20, cheese and pickle £3.30, cheese and tomato £3.30, cheese and coleslaw £3.40, tuna and cucumber £3.50, prawns £4.00

Breakfast floured roll (2 sausage, or 2 egg, or 2 bacon) £3.75

Jacket potato and side salad:
cheese £4.25, coleslaw £4.25, beans £4.25, tuna mayonnaise £4.50, prawns £4.65

Chicken burger, chips and salad £4.50

Mega burger
100% beef 1/4lb topped with cheese and bacon, served with chips, side salad and bbq sauce £5.50
Chilli con carne and rice £4.80

Chicken curry and rice £4.80

Hotdog with onion, ketchup and mustard £3.00

tomato or carrot and coriander served with bread £3.00
Chips £2.10
Cheesy chips £2.99
Curly fries £2.65
Cheesy curly fries £3.50
Garlic bread £1.50
Cheesy garlic bread £2.00
Bread and butter 50p per slice
Toast £1.00 (2 slices)
Drinks Menu
Tea £1.35

Filter Coffee £1.45
Espresso £1.80
Café Latte £1.95
Cappuccino £1.95
Vanilla/Caramel Syrup Available 30p

Water (still or Sparkling) £1.30
Apple/Blackcurrant Flavoured Water £1.35
Squash (orange & Blackcurrant) Jug £1.70 or Cup 60p

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi (small £1.30 or Medium £1.70)

Hot Chocolate £1.95
Luxury Hot Chocolate £2.35

Slush (raspberry or Strawberry) £1.55
"As well as the food on the menus, we also have a daily special board, so be sure to check that out!"
  • all of our food is freshly prepared
  • we have seating for over£ 200 people, plus highchairs
  • due to our open plan layout your children are easily visable to you, so you can eat with the knowledge that your children are safe
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  • our FREE WIFI can be picked up from any of our seating areas